About This Blog

Journey of the 8th Child will serve pretty much as my journal....good and bad, pretty and ugly...

If you don't care for something I say in a post, all I ask is you move on. Not permanently, but maybe just that post.

I feel better when I can put my thoughts into words and I LOVE to share photos!

In the past I have had two other main blogs: Crazy for the Country and Heritage Homemaker.  With the changes that have evolved in my life, those just are not suited to me any longer. I am ready to move on and share my life experiences.

Over time, I will share posts that may jump around in time (my life). Please just bear with me, as I plan to tag them, so they will fall into place a little better.

I will move over posts from my most recent blog, Heritage Homemaker, just give me a little time to get them moved, please.

Warning! Sometimes I jump around in my blog posts...I type the way I think and the way I speak...that's who I am.

AND yes, I am the 8th child in my family. The "baby". Even at almost 48 years old, I STILL get called "the baby"....sigh.

So glad you found my little corner of the web and enjoy!

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