Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To Do Nothing and Be So Tired

Well days like today that I think I haven't accomplished anything and am exhausted just don't make sense.

Then I remember and account for my day.

Got up, took Felicity to school.
Gregory is sick (day 4 with very bad strep), so he's home with me.
Made myself and Gregory something to eat.
Surfed the internet a bit, trying to make plans for our vacation.
Mixed up yet MORE milk for our 4 baby goats. Bottle fed them.
Fed the horses.
Let the chickens out.
More work on our vacation.
Clean up the kitchen
All the while trying to force liquids into Gregory so he doesn't get any further dehydrated.
Wash 3 loads of clothes.
Hang all loads on the clothesline to dry.
Tidy up the family room.
Let our 6 dogs in and out let's see....maybe 8 times!
Bring clothes in from line and fold them. They are ready to be put away.
Clean up the kitchen...again.
Separate bulk packages of meat I bought at the store on Monday.
Make hamburger patties for tomorrow night's dinner.
Cook tonight's dinner.
Put leftovers away.
Wash dishes.
Make more milk and bottles. Bottle feed the 4 baby goats.
Feed the horses.
Feed and water the 50ish chickens and tuck them in for the night.
Continue to force yet more liquids into Gregory.

And I think to myself "I didn't get anything done today." Yeah, right.

Too darn tired for a shower. That will have to wait until morning.

I'm one tired Momma of 2-legged and 4-legged babies.

Good night.