Sunday, August 17, 2014

Her Journey Home

Last night, we went to look at a baby mare that I was considering maybe getting for Gregory. I had seen the ad on craigslist and told the guy the story about Gregory. He said he would love to give us her for Gregory, because of his situation. 

In the ad, it stated that she was trained to trailer but not much else. Trailering is important, so that we could get her home. She had an injury to her back elbow, we knew we could heal it, but the owner kinda just blew it off and it obviously had not been doctored and taken care of.

So, off we go to look at her. SWEET girl. Immediately took to Gregory. We all fell in love with her. So then we are ready to get her in Brandy's trailer.....not happening!!! FOUR times she reared herself back and fell to the ground. The fourth time she did this, she gashed open her face just to the inside of her eye. The owners acted like they didn't even care.

Brandy jumped into action. The eye needed stitches, so she called the emergency horse vet. The vet was in emergency surgery and the best he could do (he knows her and her equine knowledge) is sell Brandy the things we need to stitch the cut. He told us NOT to attempt to trailer her anymore. We had no choice but to walk her home.

We were 4.8 miles away from home. We walked it. Brandy got one of our neighbors that has horses to help. Felicity and Stetson began the walk home with her while Brandy went to the vet and I went home for supplies.

Brandy did the suturing on the side of the road by the railroad track at less than half way home.  The horse had already gone down again refusing to go over the railroad tracks. 

So many people stopped and offered help.  There was a huge storm brewing. After the sedation and stitches, Brandy and our neighbor were able to finally cover her face and coax her over the railroad tracks. She has so many little cuts, her hurt leg and her eye. She is here though. We walked the entire way home.

Felicity walked all but about a half mile, I walked with her a little over 60% of the way. 

We left our house to go see her at 6pm. We got home with her at 10:50pm.

Her name is now Journey. Rightfully earned.


  1. It's sad that the previous owners really didn't seem to care for her well being. But I'm so glad she is now with you where we know she will be taken care of and loved. Poor girl, she is a beauty though :)

  2. She's beautiful!


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