Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Las Vegas Vacation

David and I LOVE Las Vegas!!!

We were married in Las Vegas on August 24, 2012 at Chapel of the Flowers.

We vacationed with my children, Felicity and Gregory, there in June of 2013.

Saturday (3/1/14), we returned from another trip there. This time, just David and I went and for 6 nights! Pure heaven!

David had been there a couple of times with his ex-wife and children and I was there in 1996 during a previous relationship. I knew then, in 1996, that I wanted to live there, someday, whenever I could get there.

Here's some photos from our trip:

I just love all of the gorgeous lighting at the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas!

Yummy specialty beverages at Hard Rock. Mine was a fruit smoothie (right), like no other I've ever had! It was delicious for breakfast.

Yes! I won $60, actually $40 net profit because I had put a $20 bill in the machine...and my smart hubby convinced me to cash out and walk away. To bad that didn't happen again...

Photo bomb!!! David and I...and his cousin, Rob. Rob and his wife Heather met us in Vegas. We had a great time and cannot wait to get there again!

An amazing and gorgeous chocolate fountain at the Bellagio. I could have watched this thing for hours. It was stunning!

Beautiful flowers in the gardens at the Bellagio.

It is late as I am posting this and I cannot remember the name of this glass exhibit on the ceiling at the Bellagio, but it is gorgeous!!!

David and I with the Paris Resort across the fountain lake of the Bellagio behind us. Beautiful and the day was amazing!

I would love to see this exhibit!!! I hope it is still there, at the Bellagio, the next time we go back!

I took this photo at a strange angle and zoomed in. This is actually the Fountains at the Bellagio, but from the angle I shot it, Caesars Palace is in the back but is actually beside the fountains.

"The Year of the Horse" statue in front of Planet Hollywood. Seems most of the larger hotel/resorts had extravagant exhibits for the Chinese New Year.

Bacon Popcorn anyone? This was in one of the shops in New York, New York. They had several really fun "bacon" themed gifts.

Very fun and interesting museum. We didn't feel it was overpriced and was very well done. Does take some time, as it is 3 stories of information.

A bit of trivia you may or may not have known. David didn't, which surprised me.

The mini-bar in our room at The Aria. We won free nights for all nights we stayed this time. I will give more information in other posts on how you can win free nights, too. This had pretty much any "late-night munch" you could want. But it will cost you. It's all weighted, so the hotel is aware if you consume an item. If you even just take an item out to look at it and put it paid for it.

The buffets in Las Vegas are amazing!! We got an all-day buffet at The Monte Carlo one day...ate 3 meals (planned on 4, but just couldn't eat any more food). Delicious foods and all you can eat, we pad $31 each after our mLife discount. Well worth it for all you can eat (and beverage included) and delicious food!

I am stopping here for tonight. I have hundreds of photos that I took...I do the same every time we go.

So many people give Las Vegas a bad name and think it's just for adults and gambling and the like. As you can see, it's not! It is what you make of it. So much to see and do without touching gambling. We love it and hope to move there some day.

Enjoy the photos and I'll be back to post soon :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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